The Arts

World of ABC, The Waldo School offers a range of after-school activities for parents to choose from.

Bollywood Dance (PreK 4 and up)

Bollywood classes are taught by the Shiamak Dance Education company, who introduces children to dance expression, knowledge and creativity. Through dance, students develop a greater range of motion, strength and endurance, emotional maturity, social awareness, and cognitive development as they develop, practice and perform routines collaboratively.


During Music classes, students participate together in both responding and creating music. When responding to music, students are listening to music from a range of cultures and styles and reflecting on the rhythm, melody, beat, and overall tone and emotion of the music. In creating music, students use voice and a range of musical instruments to perform and create music both individually and collectively.

Piano (PreK 4 and up)

Piano classes are taught by an experienced and established instructor on our school campus. Students begin with learning the basics of piano, initially learning how to position their hands and form a correct hand shape. Students are also taught how to read musical notation and listen to pitch and rhythm as they begin to play on their own.

Musical Theater

Dance is an integral part of cultures from around the world, allowing people a form of self-expression and a way to bring communities together. During Musical Theater class, students are taught important elements of dance, such as coordinating music with movement and working collaboratively to develop dance routines. Students are also taught to incorporate movements from traditional international dances as they experience many different musical styles.


Students are taught ballet positions and combinations. Ballet helps to develop muscles and balance while enhancing coordination and self-expression. Students also refine their ability to focus

World of ABC, The Waldo School offers education through 8th Grade.