Singapore Math

Why Singapore Math?

Singapore students were in first place in the 1995, 1999 and 2003 TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study). The only program taught in Young and Talented Schools.

October 1st 2010

Singapore seems to address one of the difficulties in teaching math: all children learn differently. In contrast to the most common math programs in the United States, Singapore math devotes more time to fewer topics, to ensure that children master the material through detailed instruction, questions, problem solving, and visual and hands-on aids like blocks, cards and bar charts. Ideally, they do not move on until they have thoroughly learned a topic.

Principals and teachers say that slowing down the learning process gives students a solid math foundation upon which to build increasingly complex skills, and makes it less likely that they will forget and have to be re-taught the same thing in later years.

And with Singapore math, the pace can accelerate by fourth and fifth grades, putting children as much as a year ahead of students in other math programs as they grasp complex problems more quickly.

Problem solving and mathematical thinking are two big ideas behind Singapore math.

Singapore Math Program is a comprehensive, activity-based program designed to provide kindergarten students with a strong foundation in mathematics. The program aims to prepare young students for subsequent stages of mathematical thinking. Mathematical concepts are developed in a systematic, engaging and fun way. Hands-on tasks, meaningful activities and attractive illustrations rich in mathematical content engage students' active participation in the learning process. The series also provides easy-to-follow guidance in various forms to allow for meaningful intervention by both parents and teachers.

As we know, to master any discipline by our children, we need combined effort of both parents and teachers. Singapore math is no different. In order to be successful we will need your help in emphasizing this method. In Singapore Math we put strong impact on both aspects of math and science: teaching for conceptual understanding as well as procedural and skills proficiency.

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