World of ABC, The Waldo School offers a range of after-school activities for parents to choose from.

Chess Club

Playing chess enables children to develop important analytical and decision-making skills and build the confidence needed to succeed in other logic related subject areas, including mathematics and science. During chess class, students are initially taught to recognize and name the different chess pieces. Students then progress to understanding their positions on the chess board, the specific movements each piece makes, and the strategies needed to play chess with their peers.


Bi-linguicism is more important than ever in our increasingly global world. During foreign language classes, students are taught to read, write, listen and speak the language and are also introduced to Spanish culture and heritage throughout their lessons.

Silly Science

Will these different materials sink or float? Whose structure will best support a toy car and why? What happens when this is mixed with that, and why did that erupt? Students practice their questioning, hypothesizing, predicting, and experimenting skills during Silly Science class as they participate in fun science projects that ignite each student’s natural curiosity and teaches them about the world around them.


Storytelling is a form of art that people from around the world experience and share together. In storytelling, students explore the many different forms of storytelling from a range of perspectives, including both written stories (such as folktales, fables, and poems) and performance stories (such as plays and puppet shows). Students also learn how stories of all kinds are created and shared and the elements needed to construct effective stories.

World of ABC, The Waldo School offers education through 8th Grade.